Die Cutting

Our die cutting process uses steel rule dies to stamp or blank out parts.
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Our laminators use controlled temperature and pressure to ensure bond strength without material distortion.
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rotary die cutting

Our rotary die cutting allows for tight tolerances and repeatability on thinner gauge materials.
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kiss cutting

We use kiss cutting to cut parts using steel rule dies on the release liner of a pressure sensitive adhesive.
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We split open cell and closed cell foams to your thickness specifications.
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We can slit plastics, rubbers, open and closed cell foams, papers, foils and more.
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waterjet cutting

Our high-pressure waterjet cutting process produces tight tolerance parts with clean, accurate edges.
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laser cutting

Our laser cutter is used to cut thin gauge plastics, open and closed cell foam, compressed fiber and adhesives.
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And Much More

In addition to our other manufacturing processes, we’re experienced with more traditional processes including beveling, contour cutting, assembly and hot stamping, to name a few. When these standard processes aren’t enough, our ingenuity and experience with flexible materials, films and adhesives lets us design several proprietary fixtures and processes to help our customers solve specific challenges.

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