Rotary Die Cutting

rotary die cutting gaskets and seals

Rotary die cutting uses a machined cylindrical die rotating against a mandrel. It allows for tight tolerances and repeatability on thinner gauge materials with and without pressure-sensitive adhesive. The process is capable of kiss cutting and is particularly effective for high volume runs.

When to use Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting is the best option if your:

  • Your end product is thin
  • You have a large order quantity
  • Your product requires kiss cutting
  • You have tight tolerances in your design

The Process

When a product is shaped with a rotary die cutter, the raw material is forced through two rotating cylinders at very high speeds. Your product can be cut entirely through or kiss cut, where your product is left attached to a paper lining until ready to be used.

The rotating cylinders and high speeds allow for high tolerances and accuracy, and often produces less waste than flatbed die cutting.

kiss cut die cut flexible products

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