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For safe, functioning equipment

Don’t let energy waves interfere with the function of your equipment. EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) gaskets keep devices and machinery safe by blocking, dissipating or absorbing escaped energy waves. So your products work every time, all the time.

Today, EMI and RFI gaskets are often required in order to have functioning electronic devices. There are even several in the device you’re reading this from.

These gaskets work by shielding your electrical components from excess energy that causes equipment to malfunction or stop working altogether. We’ll help you select, fit, and shape the right EMI and RFI gaskets for your equipment.

  • Foil tapes
  • Knitted mesh
  • Mesh over elastomer
  • Mu metal
  • Aluminum foils
  • Nickel impregnated fabrics

Shaping your gaskets

Don’t worry about intricate shapes or added layers—our materials techs fabricate clean, precise gaskets by die cuttingkiss cuttingwaterjet cutting or laser cutting. We’ll also be able to add enhancing layers like lamination and pressure-sensitive adhesives.


Ready to get started on your gaskets? Give us a call to send us your design specs or to get questions answered by our engineers.

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