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Preferred Converter Status

Being an Authorized 3M™ Preferred Converter has its benefits. Along with partnering with one of the top manufacturers in the US, we’re able to help you use durable 3M products in your parts—a trophy few US converters hold.

3M Adhesives

3M makes some of the most durable laminating adhesives in the industry. From challenging surfaces to extreme temperatures, 3M adhesives can keep your parts together and your equipment functioning.

  • 100MP High Performance Family
  • 200MP High Performance Family
  • 300 High Strength Family
  • 300LSE Low Surface Energy Family
  • 300MP High Tack Family
  • 340 High Tack Family
  • 350 High Performance Family
  • 360 Quick Stick Family

3M VHB™ Tapes

These acrylic foam tapes are comprised of closed cell foams with pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides. This unique combo offers benefits that mechanical fasteners like screws, rivets and welds often can’t match.

3M VHB™ Tapes allow instant bonding, shock absorption, stress distribution, waterproofing, conformability, and expansion and contraction.

  • VHB RP Family
  • VHB 5952 Family
  • VHB 4941 Family

3M Single-Coated Foam Tapes

3M Single-Coated Foam Tapes can adhere to numerous substrates. The urethane series help cushion, seal, dampen sound and absorb vibration. The vinyl series products are durable, weather-resistant and remain flexible during exposure to temperature and light.

  • 4100 Series Urethane Foam Tape
  • 4300 Series Urethane Foam Tape
  • 4500 Series Vinyl Foam Tape
  • 4700 Series Vinyl Foam Tape

3M EMI and EMC Applications

EMI and EMC products protect from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and increase electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). These foils, tapes and gaskets are ideal for shielding and absorbing, static charge grounding, anti-static masking, cushioning, and mechanical protection.

  • Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tapes
  • Electrically Conductive Cushioning Gaskets
  • EMI Absorbers
  • Foil and Fabric Tapes

3M Reclosable Fasteners

3M reclosable fasteners beat out traditional fasteners with strength and versatility every time. Instead of rivets, screws, bolts, nails or welds, using reclosable fasteners are often preferred for repeated opening, closing, attaching and detaching.

  • 3M™ Hook and Loop Fasteners
  • 3M™ Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners

3M Safety-Walk™

Damage and injuries are more preventable than you may think. 3M Safety-Walk™ slip-resistant materials help with this. These nonslip materials are used indoors and outdoors to avoid costly slips and falls or harm to equipment.

Use around oil, grease or water to improve product performance and safety.

3M Safety-Walk tapes and treads are the easy, economical way to help prevent injury and meet OSHA and ADA requirements.

  • 3M Safety-Walk Fine Resilient – 200 Series
  • 3M Safety-Walk Medium Resilient – 300 Series
  • 3M Safety-Walk Conformable – 500 Series
  • 3M Safety-Walk General Purpose – 600 Series
  • 3M Safety-Walk Course – 700 Series

3M Bumpon™ Protective Products

3M Bumpon™ Protective Products decrease noise and prevent scratching by cushioning with resilient elastomers. A high coefficient of friction resists skidding on most surfaces.

  • 5200 Series
  • 5600 Series
  • 5800 Series
  • 5900 Series
  • 6000 Series
  • 6200 Series
  • TPE Santoprene

Ready to get started on your 3M products? Give us a call to send us your design specs or to get questions answered by our engineers.

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