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Keeping Equipment and Devices Safe

When energy waves have the power to damage your equipment, you need protection. EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) shields stop other devices’ energy from affecting your electrical components.

Without shielding, interference can cause serious problems to your equipment’s operation. This is especially true today as operating frequencies become more robust and complex.

emi rfi shielding gaskets electrical radio frequency

Modern necessity

EMI and RFI shielding are becoming more prevalent as for today’s robust and complex operating frequencies.

Manufacturing options

Shields can be laminated, die cut, kiss cut, water jet cut or laser cut to produce custom components.

Material selection

Available from many types of metals in foils rubbers, fabrics and adhesives.

Shielding Materials

Our engineers use electrically conductive, static dissipative, and magnetic field and radio frequency field reducing materials to ensure protection.

  • aluminum foils
  • copper foils
  • silver, nickel or aluminum filled synthetic rubbers
  • copper or nickel impregnated fabrics
  • electrically conductive adhesives

EMI and RFI shields can be laminateddie cutkiss cutwater jet cut or laser cut to fit your specific design specs. Even intricate shapes can easily be designed by our materials techs.


Ready to get started on your shielding? Give us a call to send us your design specs or to get questions answered by our engineers.

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