Kiss Cutting

kiss cutting psas plastics

Kiss cutting is a process that leaves the finished part on a removable paper or foil surface that can be peeled off. Kiss cutting is used for many common products like stickers, felt pads and hooks for hanging.

How It Works

The name “kiss cutting” comes directly from the process. A layer of product material, such as foam or rubber, is placed on top of the removable paper layer and sent through the kiss cutting machine.

A shape steel blade then cuts all the way through the product material, but only touches or “kisses” the paper layer, leaving the shaped product and paper intact.

When to Use Kiss Cutting

Use kiss cutting when you need a paper backing on the product for the end user to remove when ready. We can produce full sheets of parts or individual parts out of foam, rubber, sponge, PSAs and more.

kiss cut foams

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