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Dampen Sound and Prevent Damage

Like with most equipment and devices, moving parts pose the threat of scratching, cracking or simply unwanted noise. Bumpers and spacers help avoid this. Our soft, durable materials—like foamsilicone and rubber—can be shaped to your custom dimensions to keep parts and people safe.

Custom Shaping

Our materials engineers can fabricate almost any type of bumper and spacer—from small and simple shapes to large, intricate pieces. To shape your parts, we’ll die cutkiss cutwaterjet cutlaser cut, or split or slit your material.

Need a protective layer? We can laminate your material or add a pressure-sensitive adhesive to one or both sides of your part.

Just as important as the shape is the performance. Specific compression resistance and material grade will let your part work seamlessly with its adjoining components.

The material characteristics depend on both the environment and the type of activity that the bumper or spacers will encounter. For constant, heavy use, choose a thicker and more durable material, like a silicone rubber. For lighter, occasional activity, open cell foam will work just fine.


bumpers and spacers from foam and plastics


Our custom fabrication methods are often a cost-effective alternative to molded parts.


Shaping capabilities include die cutting, kiss cutting, waterjet cutting and laser cutting.

Material Choices

We stock materials with ideal compression, dimensional and demanding performance characteristics.

Uses of Bumpers and Spacers

You likely see sound dampening or shock absorbing materials every day, from the bottom of your keyboard to the forklift at your home improvement store. Bumpers and spacers can be used in objects of all sizes in nearly any environment:

  • Sportswear
  • Industrial equipment
  • Children’s play areas
  • Automobiles
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Amusement park rides


Ready to get started on your bumpers and spacers? Give us a call to send us your design specs or to get questions answered by our engineers.

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