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Heavy-duty, resilient silicone

American-made BISCO® silicone gaskets aren’t like normal gaskets. As a Preferred ConverterTM of Rogers Corporation’s materials, we’re able to use the best resources for your gaskets, including high-performance BISCO silicone.


bisco silicone rubber gaskets fabrication

Silicone uses

From private use to commercial products, BISCO silicones are ideal for conductive purposes, sound barriers and more:

  • cushions
  • seals
  • gaskets
  • UV shielding
  • sound insulation
  • heat shielding
  • fire stops
  • vibration absorption

Specialty BISCO Silicones

We know that every gasketing application is different, so we work with all grades of BISCO silicone to make sure your parts are up to the task. Whether you need extra dimensional stability, higher tear strength or a gasket to be used in extreme temperatures, specialty BISCO silicones are designed for you.

For demanding use

We work with products designed for applications such as extreme temperatures, extra dimensional stability or extra tear strength.

Open and Closed cell

We convert both open and closed cell materials designed for gasketing and sealing applications.

Better performance

These materials demonstrate superior physical properties and performance and are certified by UL for flame resistance and gasketing.

Open and Closed Cell Silicone

To cover any gasketing environment, our materials techs shape both open cell and closed cell BISCO silicones.

Open cell silicone is composed of connected cells that allow air or gas to pass through when compressed. This material has great compression set resistance and typically rebounds faster than closed cell. Use open cell for cushioning, sealing, and sound and vibration absorption.

Closed cell silicones are generally impermeable to liquids. Since the cells won’t allow liquids to pass through, closed cell silicones are a great choice for water sealing gaskets.

More from Rogers Corporation

Our technicians work with the full range of products from Rogers Corporation like PORON® urethanes and BISCO silicones, which provide dependable, long-term gasketing. These products are also fully certified by UL.

Ready to get started on your gaskets? Give us a call to send us your design specs or to get questions answered by our engineers.

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