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Cushioning and comfort

To get long-lasting, compression set resistant cushioning, there are few better materials than bun silicone foam. This type of silicone is ideal for repeated, long-term use in private and mass-transit passenger seating. Because you wouldn’t want comfort to take a backseat to material choice.

Characteristics of bun silicone

  • lightweight
  • resistance to weather and UV light
  • distributes loads evenly to reduce high-pressure points
  • meets stringent global standards for FST (flame, smoke and toxicity) resistance
  • no additives ensure longer use
  • available in soft, medium and firm

bun silicone manufacturer

Compression resistance

Bun silicone foam tolerates resistance to compression set for long term consistent cushioning and comfort.

Load distribution

Effective in distributing loads evenly over cushion to reduce high-pressure points and providing passenger comfort.

Meets global standards

Excellent FST (flame, smoke and toxicity) characteristics meeting the most stringent global standards.

Custom shaping

After deciding which grade silicone to use, we’ll get to work shaping and cutting your products based on your specific dimensions—never using off-the-shelf parts.

Depending on your final design, we’ll use a number of shaping methods:


bisco bun silicone

BISCO® bun silicone foam (MF1®) is a durable cushioning material that uses a patented silicone makeup to maintain firmness and thickness longer than urethane foams.

MF1® bun silicone lets our engineers optimize seat design. This gives passengers comfort while reducing material weight and size. All grades of MF1 are formulated to meet global fire safety standards, including BS 6853, En 45545, Din 5510, and nFF 16-101.


Ready to get started on your cushioning? Give us a call to send us your design specs or to get questions answered by our engineers.

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