Waterjet Cutting

waterjet cutting plastics rubbers

The Process

Waterjet cutting (also phrased as water jet cutting) is a way of shaping, shearing and slicing materials. The water from a waterjet cutter is a thin, highly pressurized stream. The water stream can reach as high as 90,000 psi.

Depending on the material being cut, an abrasive may be mixed in with the water stream (called abrasive jet cutting). A waterjet cutting machine can cut nearly any material, including several layers of materials of different densities:

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

Industrial waterjet cutting is similar to other types of shaping, like laser cutting, but does not use heat during the cutting process. Depending on the material, using heat while cutting can change chemical and physical properties. Waterjet cutting avoids this by using non-heated water streams.

We can also shape intricate complex designs with waterjets. Our computer-controlled equipment can make tight tolerance parts with clean, accurate edges, even with thicker material. The accuracy of waterjets can reach down to .025 millimeters.

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