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High-strength tapes

When we choose tapes, we adhere to the highest standards. Whether you’re creating a prototype or developing the final product, the right adhesive tapes are more than just another element—they keep the whole thing together.

Our materials techs can add adhesive tapes to nearly any material, including foams, rubbers, silicones and plastics.

Using Your Tapes

Each one of your products is unique. That’s why our tapes are as versatile as they get. Need your tapes thicker or thinner? Done. Using your tapes indoors or outdoors? We’ll help you choose the perfect match.

Even if your product is lightly used or needs to withstand constant wears and stresses, our engineers can tell you which tape will be ideal for your function, including:


3M™ VHB™ Tapes

From our successful track record and long list of capabilities, we’ve been given Select Converter status by 3MTM. This means our engineers can use durable, long-lasting 3M adhesives and bonding agents in your products.

Looking for some of the strongest tapes on the market? 3M’s VHBTM (Very High Bond) Tapes have the strength, durability and aesthetics to make your parts fit to any situation.



Ready to get started on your tapes? Give us a call to send us your design specs or to get questions answered by our engineers.

The best help for creating your custom parts

Our engineers work with you to shape your parts from top-sourced flexible materials.