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Soft, flexible padding

Silicone is one of the more impressive materials we have. It’s ability to repel liquids, absorb shock and dampen sound makes it easy to see so many customers use silicone for their padding.

Before custom shaping each piece to your design specs, our materials techs help you choose the right grade and thickness for your silicone pads. This includes considering environmental pressures, weather, movement and drastic temperature changes.

fabrication silicone pads for sealing


Silicone pads offer amazing shock protection and vibration dampening characteristics.

Enhanced sealing

BISCO products serve as high-tech sponges with the enhanced sealing capabilities of traditional sponge rubber, but lighter in weight.

Mechanical resilience

Mechanical resilience makes silicone pads ideal for transportation equipment, electronic components and more.

Uses of Silicone Padding

Since silicone padding has high environmental and mechanical resilience, its uses range from gaskets and seals to thermal barriers to weather stripping and beyond.

Our customers use silicone pads in:

  • transportation equipment
  • electrical enclosures
  • industrial machinery
  • electronic products and components
  • appliances


BISCO® Silicones

Made from ultra soft to extra firm, BISCO silicone pads are preferred for heavy-duty uses in consumer, commercial and industrial products. BISCO silicone is similar to traditional sponge rubber, but adds enhanced sealing and a lighter, more versatile weight.

BISCO silicone pads are also heavily flame and fire resistant. Add this to its shock protection and vibration dampening and you’ve got yourself a pretty impressive product.


Ready to get started on your insulators? Give us a call to send us your design specs or to get questions answered by our engineers.

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