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Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is material that helps reduction of transfer of heat between objects. These materials are used all around you to keep heat from escaping or entering rooms or objects, and from protecting flammable objects from excess heat.

Insulating against heat exchange is a great way to reduce energy costs is buildings and transportation vehicles like trains and airplanes. Thermal insulation also protects against the change of the physical and chemical properties of nearby objects, which can cause damage and possibly injury.

We use closed cell foams or urethane foams to limit the transfer of heat. These foams can include adhesives and laminates, and can be shaped to your design specifications.


  • Mechanical
  • Automotive
  • Public and residential structures
  • Aircraft and spacecraft

acoustical insulation

Acoustical Insulation

Acoustical insulation helps reduce the transfer of noise that enters, exits or travels within a room or space. Unwanted or excess noise can cause distraction, headaches or even hearing loss in extreme cases.

When a room is soundproofed, the usually porous material, like foam or sponge, absorbs sound waves to reduce direct sound, echoes and reverberation.

Our engineers convert open cell foams to fit the size and shape for your situation, whether it’s an entire wall or a small area. We’ll help you choose the right properties for your purpose of foam, like the thickness, cell size and density.


  • Transportation and automotive
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Music performance rooms
  • Recording studios
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