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A recent AFP customer found use in pressure sensitive adhesives paired with our custom design. The customer had to mount a small item onto a unit but didn’t want to ruin the aesthetics of the unit by having fasteners or rivets showing. Also, they wanted to be able to mount the part without using a lot of labor.

Our solution: We presented the advantages of pressure sensitive adhesives to the customer as a possible solution. A few “best choice” options were tested by us and the customer. 

During testing, it was discovered peeling the release liner away from the pressure sensitive adhesive was fairly difficult and ate up time. We came up with the solution to custom cut the release liner on one side so it could be peeled off much like the liner on a bandage. 

The customer loved the idea and is still using the product today.

Their benefits from partnering with us:

  • Solved the mounting issue
  • Solved the production time issue
  • Supplied at a competitive price

Contact us today for any pressure sensitive adhesive needs for the best quality and competitive price.

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