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We recently had a customer from North Carolina that needed a foam that’s soft and easily compressed. Their foam needed to have optimal compression set resistance (rebound) and resist high temperatures so that it would create a seal when compressed over and over again.

Our team worked with the customer engineers in person to find the perfect solution. We learned about every critical detail and then gave the customer some samples to choose from.

Once we had the materials decided, we designed the part layout, which ended up being larger than the available raw material. Our team was able to develop a method to bond the edges of the foam material together in order to make the raw material large enough to cut parts from.

This saved the customer hours of time trying to align the material during assembly and made a more stable part when in use; all this at a highly competitive price!

If you’re looking for a specific foam gasket, contact us. We are happy to help find you the best product.

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