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The importance of adhesives

Some silicone gaskets, used for creating tight, sealed seams between components, will need to be stabilized in one position in order for the equipment to function correctly.

When pressure on the gasket from the components of the equipment isn’t enough, adhesives are the best choice to keep gaskets in place. Most of our ring or sheeted silicone gaskets are designed for adhesives to be an optional addition.

Adhesives in extreme conditions

Evenly spread adhesives can allow a silicone gasket to remain securely in place during operation. Many industrial adhesives will perform even when coming in contact with foreign substances such as liquid, gases, dirt, sand and more.

Temperature is another condition you should consider while prototyping. Will the equipment be operational in extreme heat or cold? Will the equipment create a lot of heat itself while in use? Choosing an adhesive for your gasket that can stand up to temperature changes can be the difference between success and failure.

Your gasketing project

If you need help considering the best adhesives for your silicone gaskets, give us a call. Our materials experts can help you choose the type of gasket and adhesive that is ideal for your project.

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