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gaskets to keep out water and moisture Moisture threats

Water and moisture may be one of the biggest threats to equipment and machinery with sensitive components. When an industrial machine has several moving parts and areas where water can leak in, that moisture can negatively affect the parts that are meant to be kept dry.

Great for gaskets

The BISCO RS-700 Silicone Sponge is an ideal material for gaskets in equipment that may come into contact with water. The closed-cell structure and low compression set gives this gasket excellent sealing capabilities and even help keep out dust.


gaskets to keep out water and moisture Each of the three RS-700 grades meets strict UL gasket certification in addition to UL50, UL508, UL157, and UL50E periodic recompression. This gasket material protects against moisture, cold, winds, and heat, stretches under stress, and always bounces back after being compressed.


Want to try BISCO RS-700 Silicone for your prototype or finished gasket? Give us a call. Our materials experts can help you though the whole process.

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