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Industrial seals are designed to prevent penetration of water, oil, dust and more. A tight seal and correct material ensures that your equipment and end users will remain safe.

Strip gaskets, die-cut gaskets, form-in-place gaskets and bulb extrusion gaskets help to seal equipment according to the requirements of the following four standards:

National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association (NEMA): Ratings range from 1 through 12. Common ratings for indoor purposes are 12 and 13 while 3, 4, 4x, 6, and 6P are used commonly for outdoor functions.

Underwriters Laboratories® (UL): Ratings are similar to NEMA.

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC): IP-XX (ingress protection) codes specify protection required.

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

Enclosure standards are necessary to ensure the safety and protection of end users of the application. They also help the purchaser choose the ideal product for the equipment. Enclosure standards are written as application descriptions and expected performance guidelines.

In most cases, NEMA and UL standards do not allow any access through the gasket and into the enclosure. Some IP ratings allow a specific amount of liquid to enter an enclosure through a gasket as long as the liquid does not impede with the equipment’s performance.

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