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anti-ski anti-slip non-skid flexmat

Liability is something that should be taken very seriously in the workplace. You can never be too cautious—The more steps you take to keep people healthy, the fewer problems will occur.

Slips and falls are major causes of injuries in a variety of work environments. While proper training and education can go a long way, human error and accidents will always be possible.

Anti-slip (or anti-skid) materials are designed to help reduce injuries from slips and falls as well as help prevent equipment damage. These materials are made from sturdy layers of plastic or rubber and prevent unwanted movement of people or objects.

3 Common Applications That Require Anti-Slip Materials

1) Manufacturing and Warehouses. In environments like these, safety is a top priority. There are concrete floors that can easily become slippery when wet, along with ladders and stairways that can quickly become hazardous.

While you may have directional arrows and signs throughout your building, it’s necessary to have anti-slip rubber mats and tapes strategically placed to ensure employee safety.

2) Transportation, especially in trucks, all-terrain vehicles, and buses. Slips on vehicles can happen easily on hectic and calm days. Water, grease/oils, and a variety of other liquids are bound to spill and can’t always be cleaned up immediately.

3M™ Safety-Walk™ tapes and treads can be used in these applications as a vital way to protect employees and commuters. These specially-coated materials have a high level of traction and utilize pressure-sensitive adhesives to stick firmly to steps, ramps, and various other equipment and locations.

3) Electronics. Security and stability are critical, especially with electronic equipment that can cost a company thousands of dollars. 3M™ Bumpon™ products are urethane bumpers that can be used as feet and stoppers to ensure electronics are held in place firmly.

Bumpon technology guarantees safety and protection for both the machinery and the people that work around it. In addition, these materials can help absorb and reduce vibrations and sounds!

Need Custom Anti-Slip Materials? Contact Us Today!

American Flexible Products is a nationwide converter of flexible materials—from foam to rubber to silicone and more. Flexmat® is our own fabricated anti-slip material made from recycled rubber.

Our materials technicians can cut or shear Flexmat in various lengths and thicknesses, and can even laminate a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) to one or both sides. We make Flexmat available in several different patterns, including:

  • Pebble Grain
  • Levant
  • Flat Ribbed
  • V-Grooved
  • Matte
  • Smooth

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