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Vibrations can damage electronic equipment, which is why enclosures exist. Rugged enclosures with proper insulation, bumpers, and spacers can help keep electrical components safe from vibrations from external sources such as:

  • Natural forces (earthquakes, waves from the ocean, and general thunderstorms). 
  • Construction equipment, vehicles, and general movement from people.

How to Protect Electrical Equipment from Vibrations

Electronic enclosures should be insulated properly in order to combat the effects of vibrations. Using the right bumpers and spacers within electrical enclosures will ensure that unwanted vibrations are absorbed to keep operations running smoothly.

Silicone: Rogers BISCO® bun, cellular, and solid silicones come in a variety of densities and are perfect for cushioning and insulation.

Urethanes: Rogers PORON® is an open cell microcellular urethane foam that’s often favored by engineers for its ability to cushion, pad, compress, and seal.

Rubber: A material that comes in a variety of firmness levels and is used for bumpers, spacers, cushioning, and more. Types of rubber include EPDM, Fluorosilicone, and Neoprene.

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