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Category Archives: Sealing Materials

American Flexible now works with 3M’s new L series of adhesives

3M has launched a new line of adhesives across three performance levels: L1, L2, and L3.

The level 1 performance level is a modified acrylic system designed with open celled foam tapes. The level 2 tapes are designed for bonding with different open and closed cell foams. Level 3 tapes are strong, bonding to difficult to bond to elastomeric substrates.

Level 1 temp resistance: 200F
Substrates to bond to: PU ether, PU ester, cross-linked PE foam and microcellular urethane

Level 2 temp resistance: 225F
Substrates to bond to: PU ether, PU ester, cross-linked PE foam, EPDM foam, neoprene foam, nitrile foam and microcellular urethane

Level 3 temp resistance: 275F
Substrates to bond to: Santoprene, neoprene rubber, butyl rubber, and many versions of EPDM rubber

American Flexible supports 3M’s new line of 3M™ Foam Lamination Tapes. Contact us today for more information.

See the press release on the L series here.

Cell Structure, Sealing Effectiveness and Open vs. Closed Cell Materials

An open cell sealing product is one whose cells are not totally enclosed by its walls and are open to the surface either directly, or by interconnecting with other cells. In a closed cell product, cells are totally enclosed by its walls and hence not interconnecting with other cells. A material’s sealing effectiveness should be… Continue Reading

Best Sealing Materials for Enclosures

When designing an enclosure, sealing the enclosure is a critical consideration, one that must take into account the environmental factors that the enclosure will be subject to.  While the final choice of a sealing material should be made by a professional (such as our materials experts who work in tandem with industrial designers and engineers),… Continue Reading

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