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Die cut seals, gaskets and related parts, using various die cut methods, by American Flexible Products

There are multiple ways to cut flexible materials. Some processes include kiss cutting, splitting, slitting, waterjet cutting, laser cutting and more. But if one process is known particularly for its precision, it’s die cutting.

What Is Die Cutting?

Die cutting, or flatbed die cutting, stamps or blanks out parts of materials like an industrial cookie cutter. A die cutting press machine stamps out each piece using steel rule dies—long, sharp strips of metal.

The hydraulic press falls vertically onto the raw material as it’s fed through the machine. This vertical, perpendicular motion allows thicker and taller material to be used to make your part.

Your finished product comes out clean and even. Computer-controlled equipment makes accurate measurements for both simple and complex shapes.


4 Times To Use Die Cutting For Your Materials

Die cutting can be used to shape everything from gaskets to seals to insulation and more. Out of all of the ways to cut and shape materials, flatbed die cutting is ideal when:

  1. Your product is thicker
  2. Your order quantity is smaller
  3. Your product’s material is only available in sheet form
  4. Your manufacturing needs to be more cost-effective

Nearly any flexible material can be die cut. Our company shapes foam, rubber, silicone and more every day, but tell us if you need a material that isn’t on our list—we’ve most likely used it before.

Need Custom Die-Cut Materials? Get A Quote!

American Flexible Products is a nation-wide converter of flexible materials—from foam to rubber to silicone and more. Every product is custom-cut and shaped to your design specs by our materials engineers. We are a 3M™ Preferred Converter, which allows us to custom fabricate 3M materials.

Call 952-368-4225 or fill out our form below and our material experts will help guide you through our process and give you a free quote.

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