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Excessive noise can cause distraction, headaches and even hearing loss in extreme cases. We all want to be able to live our lives comfortably, and soundproofing with open-cell foam or sponge materials can help out in a big way.

Porous materials, like foam and sponge, absorb sound waves to reduce direct sound, echoes and reverberation. This acoustical insulation helps reduce the transfer of noise that enters, exits or travels within a room or space. Here are five environments that utilize open cell foams for acoustical insulation and soundproofing:

1) Automobiles

It’s something we take for granted, but city buses and our own vehicles would be extremely loud without proper acoustical insulation and soundproofing. There’s a lot of noise from all the machinery working within automobiles, not to mention the sounds from the city itself.

2) Schools

Students have enough distractions from their homework on a day-to-day basis. Soundproofing classrooms can make it easier to focus during tests and study halls by keep out noises from the halls, cafeteria and gym.

3) Offices

Privacy and quiet are necessary for focusing on completing important tasks, especially in smaller, open-concept offices with busy conference rooms. Businesses also need soundproofing when HR is handling sensitive or confidential duties.

4) Restaurants

Anyone who’s worked in a bar or restaurant knows how loud the environment can be. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of people chatting loudly. There are also sounds from the kitchen, dishes, and silverware. Without proper insulation, the restaurant and its neighbors would all go nuts from the noise.

5) Recording Studios & Music Performance Rooms

This is the one most people think of right away when they hear the term “acoustical insulation”. Instruments are loud, and recording studios and performance rooms would be pointless without soundproofing. Recording studios need to keep rooms as quiet as possible and reduce ambient sounds for recording purposes. Performance and practice rooms need to keep the noise contained to avoid disrupting others. Overall, music-oriented locations need to have proper insulation through multiple different materials and strategies.

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