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Plastic is used so much that it probably seems like it’s been around forever. Fun fact, it’s actually only been around since the 1860s!

Plastic has been used in everything from food containers to military equipment. Basically, plastic is everywhere! Some types of synthetic plastic materials include: 

At AFP, we convert raw plastic into awesome products for our customers! Here are four common plastic products we manufacture:

1) Signs and Sign Enclosures. These include flat, multi-dimensional, and channel lettering.

2) Guards and Wear Surfaces. These products help avoid damage by reducing the friction between parts on machines and equipment.

3) Sound Dampeners. Excessive sound waves can cause parts to separate or break. Sound dampeners reduce sound waves to keep this from happening.

4) Electrical Insulators. Machines and equipment can be destroyed by electrical charges if they aren’t insulated. It can be dangerous for the people using the machinery. Plastic electrical insulators keep products and people safe from electricity.

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American Flexible Products is a nation-wide converter of flexible materials—from plastic to rubber to silicone and more. Every product is custom-cut and shaped to your design specs by our materials engineers.

Call 952-368-4225 or fill out our form below. Our material experts will help guide you through our process and give you a free quote.

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