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Tough gaskets are necessary when your equipment needs to endure extreme conditions for several consecutive sessions. The BISCO RS-700 silicone sponge series is an ideal material for gaskets that need to uphold performance under harsh environments.

RS-700 Characteristics

BISCO RS-700 silicone is able to function under extreme stress and endurance. The RS-720 can stretch up to 175% before any failure occurs within the material. The silicone series will also default to normal shape after being stretched or compressed during use.

The RS-700 series combines abrasion resistance with high tensile strength to create a gasket material that can withstand conditions that many other gaskets may not be able to.


This silicone is available in three firmness grades to be able to handle rain, snow, extreme heat or winds. Out materials experts can help you choose the best grade for your individual applications and equipment. Call today to learn more.

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