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First, let’s start by discussing Rogers PORON® foam in general. PORON is an open cell microcellular urethane foam known for its steady performance under constant compression. Some equipment uses the material for several decades or longer because the material reliably holds its shape.

What About PORON 4701-30?

PORON 4701-30 is a polyurethane foam that’s extremely soft, pliable and easy to compress. Its optimal use is within tight spaces (Density range of .79 to 12.7 mm), but it’s a versatile material that can be used for numerous purposes.

Benefits of PORON 4701-30

  • Adaptable: Easily converted into custom-cut shapes
  • Highly compressible: Compression set resistance is excellent
  • Tough and long-lasting: Instant rebound
  • Sound reduction: Easy to bond to

Where PORON 4701-30 is Used

  • Gaskets (Automobiles, LCD monitors, Enclosures and more)
  • Vehicles (Sound/vibration absorption and dampening)
  • Batteries and electronics (Padding and cushioning)
  • Shoes and other athletic and protective gear (Shock absorption)
  • And more

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