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Die-cut gaskets may be small, but they play a crucial role in the functioning of your process, product, and machinery. That’s why it’s so important to get them right. Luckily, American Flexible Products specializes in creating custom die-cut gaskets to your specifications, and we have been doing it for over 30 years. Although AFP consistently delivers precision die-cut gaskets, not all die-cutting partners can provide the same level of quality. In this blog, we’ll look closer at some of the most common “uh-ohs” and mistakes to avoid when ordering die-cut gaskets.

Mistake #1: Selecting the Wrong Material for Your Die-Cut Gaskets

Choosing the correct material for a die-cut gasket is crucial. Inexperienced die cutters tend to make the mistake of selecting the wrong material, which can impact the durability and performance of the gasket. Unfortunately, most gasket materials are not evaluated until there is a problem or equipment failure.

The main function of a gasket is to provide a strong seal for a gas or liquid, but this is just the minimum requirement. To ensure the best performance, it is also necessary to consider the environment in which the die-cut gasket will be used. Along with its oil and water sealing capabilities, it is important to evaluate the conditions that the gasket will be exposed to.

Remember these points when you’re ordering die-cut gaskets:

  • Think about your gaskets’ operating internal pressure.
  • Consider Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and viable EMI solutions to reduce its effect on your gasket materials.
  • Think about whether or not your material can perform in high or low temperatures.
  • Does your gasket material perform well when subjected to UV and ozone?
  • Don’t forget to check on the media your gasket material is exposed to, like oils, chemicals, and water.
  • Check to ensure the thickness of your material is right for the application you’re choosing.  

Mistake #2: Choosing a Die-Cutting Partner for the Price Only 

Whether we’re talking about manufacturing or buying a new suit, in today’s day and age, you get what you pay for. The same goes for gaskets that are used in your products, applications, or processes. It makes sense, then, that price shouldn’t be your only consideration when choosing a die-cutting partner.

Instead, it’s important to focus on the experience of the die-cutting company you’re interested in and their ability to meet your specifications. Don’t forget to also consider the added value they offer.

For instance, ask about their practice of removing web scraps while die-cutting or kiss-cutting different gasket types. It’s also a good idea to make sure your partner can finish your product and have it delivered on time and within your agreed-upon budget. At American Flexible Products, our objective is to provide you with precisely what you need exactly when you need it. This gives our customers peace of mind and saves them money in the long run.

Mistake #3: Poor Gasket Design

Achieving success in your gasket application depends not only on the material used but also on the physical design of the gasket. However, just because a gasket works well initially, it doesn’t mean that the design is optimized and will continue to work effectively over time.

That’s why it’s smart to seek an experienced and objective opinion on the design of your gasket. At American Flexible Products, we are always available to assist our clients in identifying and overcoming potential design flaws.

Leveraging decades of design experience, we help our clients save time and money. We recommend working with our technical sales team as early as possible in the process to select the best die-cutting method, minimize manufacturing issues, and avoid costly delays.

Mistake #4: Choosing an Inadequate Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive 

It’s important to know that not all adhesives are created equal; therefore, not all perform the same. Choosing the wrong adhesive can result in product and application failure, which can be costly and dangerous. It’s always better to work together with your die-cutting company to choose the most suitable pressure-sensitive adhesive based on your application. This ensures that you avoid any potential safety hazards that may arise from using the wrong adhesive for your gasket.

Keep these attributes in mind when choosing a pressure-sensitive adhesive for your die-cutting needs:

  • Resistance to liquids, oils, etc.
  • How well the adhesive sticks to the gasket material and your substrate
  • The pressure-sensitive adhesive’s adhesion strength
  • The adhesive’s resistance to various temperatures
  • How well your adhesive performs in multiple environments

Mistake #5: Working with a Lackluster Die-Cutting Manufacturer

Choosing the wrong manufacturing partner for die-cutting gaskets can prove to be the most detrimental mistake of all. While there are several custom gasket manufacturers to choose from in Minnesota, it’s your job to make sure they have a proven track record of meeting gasket requirements – especially those that you’re considering. In simpler terms, selecting the wrong custom gasket manufacturer can cause long-standing implications that may ruin a well-designed piece of machinery or product.

Look for these attributes when searching for a custom gasket manufacturer:

  • Effective, efficient, and helpful customer service point of contact
  • More than a decade of meeting client specs
  • Readily available testimonials, reviews, and references
  • Ready to work with CAD files
  • Excellent prototyping services and abilities
  • Technical expertise and guidance

Can’t find a gasket manufacturer that meets your high standards? Call American Flexible Products today – we check every one of the boxes above!

Your Reliable Partner for Custom Die-Cut Materials

For over 30 years, American Flexible Products has been providing die-cut gaskets for a wide range of industries. By choosing us for your die-cut gaskets, you’ll gain access to a team of specialized experts who can offer valuable support and unwavering reliability. If you’re facing an unusual gasket problem or simply need a part that other shops can’t produce, our engineers are here to help. Whether you need insulation, gaskets, or seals, die-cutting is a great way to cut the shape and materials you need. Contact our office today to learn more.

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