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Football is back! In honor of football season, our engineers have analyzed football gear and how the same solutions and products we use are applied to the game.

Dive deeper into these solutions and products:


When energy waves have the power to damage your equipment, you need protection. EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) shields stop other devices’ energy from affecting your electrical components. Without shielding, interference can cause serious problems with your equipment’s operation. This is especially true today as operating frequencies become more robust and complex. Learn more about EMI/RFI shielding.


Compression resistance may be one of the most important characteristics of the flexible materials within your equipment. Choosing the right material that can withstand compression is important in keeping your machinery and technicians safe. Learn more about compression set resistance.


Synthetic plastics have a relatively short history, but today they are used everywhere. We manufacture and convert raw plastic for insulating, absorption, barriers and more. Learn more about plastics.


Solid rubber products are used in gaskets, high-pressure seals, abrasion resistance, cushioning, press pads and more. Many rubber compositions are also available in a variety of firmness. Learn more about rubber.


Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and foam tapes are used to attach to the surfaces of two substrates. When selecting a PSA or tape, not only must you consider surface condition (roughness, smoothness, porosity, cleanliness, flexibility, surface energy) but also the environment (temperature range, chemical resistance, UV light). There are many different types of PSAs available with a range of physical properties. The most common types of PSAs are rubber, acrylic and silicone. Learn more about adhesives.


An open-cell sealing product is one whose cells are not totally enclosed by its walls and are open to the surface either directly, or by interconnecting with other cells. In a closed-cell product, cells are entirely enclosed by their walls and do not interconnect with other cells. Learn more about open-cell and closed-cell foams.

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