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AFP is acquiring a new single roll log slitter. The new slitter will increase our maximum roll diameter capability to 23 inches, which will double the roll length amount compared to our current slitting machines.

A servomotor will be driving the knife carriage which will be able to improve our tolerances and increase our repeatability. It will also feature a custom blade location readout that will ensure maximum usable material on tight yield jobs. The slitter will be equipped with a unique roll loading apparatus that will increase speed and efficiency as well as being ergonomically friendly.

These exciting new features will expand our capabilities in slitting many materials such as pressure sensitive adhesives, foam tapes, 3M VHB, films and foils, Nomex, Rogers PORON, BISCO Silicone, open cell urethane, cross-linked polyethylene, neoprene, EPDM and more.

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