Poron Urethane Foam for Gaskets, Seals, and More!

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PORON® is an open-cell microcellular urethane foam often used in the development of gaskets, seals, protective gear, sportswear, and more. Designers and engineers prefer using PORON for its ability to cushion, pad, compress, and seal. Components of devices that are made from PORON are known for their continuous performance following constant compression. Some equipment may use the material for several decades or longer while the material upholds its shape.

AFP Offers These Grades of Foam

  • PORON 4701-30: Extremely soft; easily compressed for flexibility
  • PORON 4701-40: Soft; can be applied in numerous purposes
  • PORON 4701-50: Firm; used for high energy impact
  • PORON 4701-60: Extremely firm; used for energy management
  • PORON 4790-92: Extremely soft, slow rebound with a very low closure force
  • PORON Aqua ProTM 4701-41: Soft; enhanced sealability for greater closed-cell content
  • And more!

Benefits of Poron Foam

  • Able to endure temperatures from -40°F to 194°F
  • Compression set resistance that allows for durable and long-term performance
  • Low outgassing and non-fogging, preventing the material from becoming brittle and crumbling
  • Flame retardant without the use of additives (many grades meet flammability requirements of UL HBF and MVSS 302)
  • Design flexibility as a result of a wide modulus range (2-90 psi at 25% deflection)
  • Chemical resistance without plasticizers or residual chemicals to contaminate your device or equipment
  • Ease of fabrication: can be cut cleanly and bonds to a range of adhesives
  • A wide assortment of formulas and thicknesses from 0.012″ to 0.500″ (0.43mm to 12.7mm)

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