Bisco Silicone Gaskets, Sealants, and Beyond!

American Flexible Products is proud to be a Preferred Converter for Rogers Corporation and heavily experienced with BISCO® Silicone product lines. BISCO is primarily recommended in silicone products requiring technologically superior gasketing and sealing. BISCO offers a full line of materials, which are fabricated into gaskets, heat shields, fire stops, seals, cushions, and insulation.

AFP Offers These BISCO Silicone Foam, Sponge, and Rubber Products:

  • BF-2000 Ultra-Soft Silicone Foam
  • BF-1000 Extra-Soft Silicone Foam
  • HT-870 Soft Silicone Foam
  • HT-800 Medium Silicone Foam
  • HT-820 Firm Silicone Foam
  • HT-840 Extra-Firm Silicone Foam
  • HT-1200 General Purpose Silicone Rubber
  • HT-6000 Performance Solid Silicones
  • EC-2000 Silicone EMI Shields
  • FPC Silicone Fire Barrier
  • HT-1500 Silicone Press Pad
  • RF-120 Reflective Silicone Heat Shield
  • And many more Bisco silicone foam sheets, rubber, and sponge materials!


BISCO Cellular Silicone Materials:

  • Are available open and closed cell
  • Withstand temperatures from -55°C up to 200°C (-67°F to 392°F)
  • Have unmatched compression set resistance for outstanding long-term sealing
  • Pass stringent smoke and toxicity regulations
  • Meet the most stringent UL-94 flame ratings available: V-0 and HF-1

BISCO Solid Silicone Materials:

  • General purpose solids available in a range of durometers from 40-70 Shore A
  • General purpose grades available with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Performance solids available in a range of durometers from 10-40 Shore A
  • Performance solids offer tight tolerances and softness ideal for demanding sealing applications

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