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Solid Silicone

Solid Silicone comes in many grades to allow customers to match their requirements with the appropriate product. Solid Silicone is a superior product for press pads, gaskets, insulators, die cut parts & separator material.

Solid Silicone Properties

  • designed especially for high temperature/high pressure gasketing applications
  • available in a range of thicknesses and durometers
  • grades also available with fiberglass reinforcement for added dimensional stability and increased tear strength

Solid silicone rubber sheets are for demanding applications that require higher physical properties and a lower compression set.  This material is resistant to extreme low and high temperatures and is proven to be an excellent gasket material in harsh environments.  Specification Grade solid silicone rubber is non-toxic, chemically inert and FDA compliant.  It is also UV and ozone resistant and fungus resistant.

Solid silicone sheet is the most commonly used type of silicone rubber.  Commercial grade solid silicone sheeting is designed to be used in applications where physical properties are not critical but extreme temperature resistance is still needed.

Silicone rubber possesses a multitude of desirable characteristics:

  • chemical resistance
  • high temperature performance
  • thermal and electrical resistance
  • long-term resiliency
  • easy fabrication

General purpose Silicone Rubber

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