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Bun Silicone

Bun silicone foam is a high quality silicone foam material designed for a wide range of cushioning and seating applications. Bun Silicone foam offers exceptional resistance to compression set for long term consistent cushioning and comfort.

Bun silicone features:

  • Superior weather and UV resistance for continuous high performance cushioning
  • Available in three firmness ranges
  • Outstanding comfort.  Very effective in distributing load evenly over cushion to reduce high pressure points and providing optimum passenger comfort.
  • Excellent FST (flame, smoke and toxicity) characteristics meeting the most stringent Global standards.
  • No additives … unlike many foams used for rail cushioning which utilize additives or fillers to meet FST standards, MF1 does not contain fillers. This ensures life of the cushion durability, resistance to compression and comfort.

Bisco bun silicone foam

Bisco bun silicone foam (MF1 bun silicone foam) foam allows engineers to optimize seat designs, providing exceptional passenger comfort all the while reducing weight and size.

MF1 foam is a durable seat cushion material that utilizes proprietary silicone technology to deliver a product, which maintains firmness and thickness longer than traditional urethane foams.

Additionally, all grades of MF1 foam are formulated to meet various global fire safety standards including BS 6853, En 45545, Din 5510, nFF 16-101

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