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Silicone Gaskets


Silicone Gaskets, Custom-Made, Plus Friendly Pros Who Give You Hands-On Guidance So Your Products Performs at Their Best

Silicone-fiberglass gasket used for insulation, custom manufactured and die cut by American Flexible Products.Silicone gaskets offer a wide range of performance characteristics for the most demanding of applications, and at American Flexible, we custom make silicone gaskets just to your specifications.

What’s important in choosing the right silicone gasket?

At American Flexible, our silicone gaskets are not a generic or off-the-shelf product — we custom make them after we consult with you to determine the demands that your end product will endure.  There are many options and considerations:

  • hardness (or softness) of the silicone
  • chemical resistance of silicone gaskets
  • silicone conductivity
  • sealing to prevent moisture
  • closed cell or open cell
  • uv, ozone and water resistance of silicone
  • compression requirements
  • temperature that the gasket is subject to (low or high)
  • … and many other considerations

Since there are so many variables when considering silicone gaskets, don’t guess … have a talk with our materials experts …

CALL US NOW to get started … (800) 945-4224 … where your call will be answered by a friendly customer service person!

In addition to silicone gaskets, we manufacture custom components such as seals, bumpers, spacers, cushioning products, insulating products and much more, custom fabricated to your specs.  We also specialize in laminating, water jet cutting, die cutting and more.

Our silicone gasket materials experts are pros who’ve been with us for many years — and they are all owners in our company!

Employee owned!

Yes, we’re proud to be an employee-owned firm, and it shows in the level of customer service you get from us, from the time a live person answers the phone or when you get your prototype, to on-time delivery of your high-performance silicone gasket product.

For the right silicone gasket for your products, call us today at (800) 945-4224

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