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American Flexible Products is a custom manufacturer (all U.S. made) of a wide variety of electrically conductive, static dissipative, and magnetic field and RF field attenuating materials.

About EMI

The role of an EMI shield is an important one: to segment one electronic component from another within a devise so as to prevent electromagnetic interference, or EMI.  Without an EMI shield, interference can cause serious problem’s with a device’s operation.  This is especially true as today’s operating frequencies become more robust and complex.

Some of the more common materials we work with here at American Flexible include:

  • Aluminum foils
  • Copper foils
  • Silver, nickel, or aluminum filled synthetic rubbers
  • Copper or nickel impregnated fabrics
  • Electrically conductive adhesives

These materials can be laminated, die cut, kiss cut, waterjet cut, and / or laser cut to produce custom components for applications requiring specialized EMI and/or RFI suppression.

Made in Minnesota, U.S.A, by the multi-talented matertials experts at American Flexible Products

EMI and FRI products are just two categories of the many custom gasket and sealing solutions we offer our clients.  All of our products are custom made to our clients’ exacting specifications.

Choosing the right EMI or RFI material can be a challenge …

… so we offer professional, personal hands-on consultation.

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