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Bisco Silicone Seals & Gaskets

U.S.-made Rogers Bisco Silicone products are converted by us in Minnesota to your specs, and offer superb performance for the most demanding gasket and seal applications

Bisco Silicone part, manufactured and die cut by American Flexible Products

As a certified Preferred Converter for Rogers Corporation, our gasket and seal materials experts here at American Flexible are very knowledgeable with the full range of Bisco silicone products, including the highly respected brand names PORON® Urethane and BISCO® Silicone.

For demanding gasket and seal applications, the Rogers brand is your top choice

Rogers is the first choice for seal and gasket products requiring technologically superior performance.  Rogers PORON Urethane and BISCO Silicone materials provide effective and dependable long-term sealing solutions.

This is because exhibit outstanding physical properties that are superior in performance to many other materials, with excellent sealing characteristics when compressed.  They are also fully certified by UL for flame resistance and superior gasketing.

For engineers and specifiers

We often recommend Bisco silicone material to engineers and specifiers who need a high performance seal or gasket material … but it all starts with a conversation with us, since every application is different.

That’s why it’s best to call us to get started at (800) 945-4224, where your call will be answered by a friendly customer service person!

We’ll advise you as to when and why to use Bisco silicone material for:

  • cushions
  • seals
  • gaskets
  • insulation
  • heat shielding
  • fire stops … and for many other demanding applications

Bisco foams offer high performance and superior longevity because they are resistant to ozone and UV, very resilient, have excellent creep resistance and compression set, superb chemical resistance, and they meet stringent flame ratings as specified by UL.

Bisco Silicone part, manufactured and die cut by American Flexible ProductsSolid and specialty Bisco Silicones, converted into gaskets and seals per your specs by our materials experts

As we mentioned, every gasketing or sealing application is different.  Our materials experts will always guide you toward the right Bisco silicone product.  We also work with solid and specialty Bisco silicone products designed for those demanding applications such as extreme temperatures, or when you need extra dimensional stability or extra tear strength.

In addition to Bisco silicone seals and gaskets, we can also help you specify the right silicone for conductive purposes, molded foam tubes, sound barriers and much more.

Open or closed cell

At American Flexible we convert both open and closed cell Bisco silicone materials.  Again, call us, because you may have a silicone product in mind for your application and it may (or may not!) be just the right silicone for your needs.

Learn more about other Bisco silicone gasket and seal products that we work with at our AFP Materials-Bisco page.


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