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Where Concepts Become Custom Solutions

A Wide Range of Custom-Made Flexible Products to Your Specifications, With Superb, Personal, Hands-On Guidance So Your Product Performs at Its Best

We manufacture custom components such as gaskets, seals, insulation, spacers and bumpers, custom fabricated to your specifications. We custom make everything from single material components to complex designs where we laminate multiple materials.

Our veteran materials experts and our vast knowledge of flexible materials manufacturing ensure creatively-designed solutions for those out-of-the-ordinary challenges … challenges that other fabricators often avoid.

Since there are so many materials — each with their own performance characteristics, and since every application is different, the best first step for you is a conversation with our materials experts …

so CALL US NOW to get started … (800) 945-4224 … where your call will be answered by a friendly customer service person!

Please take a look at some of the samples of products we manufacture from the menu on the left, or click here to contact us about solving the challenges posed by your applications.

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