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Neoprene Gaskets, Custom Fabricated to Your Specifications, With Personal, Professional Guidance Right From the Start to Ensure the Best-Performing Material for Your Needs

It starts with your needs, your specs…

At American Flexible we specialize in customized solutions … so we custom fabricate neoprene gaskets to your specs.  We also convert many other flexible materials into products that are just right for you.

Your best first step?  Contact us, because we will guide you toward the right product!

customfabricationWe get many calls from engineers or product development people saying “I need a neoprene gasket” … but after we dive into the performance needs of their product, we sometimes recommend a different material … one that’s better suited to the demands of the product.

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The benefits of a neoprene gasket

Neoprene gaskets have solid chemical stability and neoprene keeps its flexibility over a wide temperature range.  Neoprene is a great choice when you need a flexible material that resists degradation more so than natural or synthetic rubber. At American Flexible we custom make neoprene gaskets in both closed-cell or open-cell form.

Neoprene has uses that go far beyond gasket manufacturing.  It’s commonly used in noise isolation, or for product protection or padding.  Neoprene is also used for fire-resistant weather stripping, and it has many consumer uses also.

Need custom fabricated neoprene gaskets?  Unsure of whether neoprene is the best material for your needs?  Give us a call now or use our Contact Us form!

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More about the properties of neoprene and its use in high-performance gasket manufacturing

manufacturingboxNeoprene gaskets will work well in a wide range of temperatures: as low as -40 F or as high as +230 F; even as high as +250 F on an intermittent basis.  Neoprene is resistant to alkalis, greases, petroleum-based solvents and various oil, and it can twist and flex without damage in many applications.  Neoprene also holds up to weather elements, ozone and sun.

At American Flexible we die cut or water-jet cut neoprene gaskets in a variety of densities, and in thicknesses ranging from 1.25″ down to .031″.  We can also apply a wide range of PSA (adhesive) backings … all custom fabricated to your needs.

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