Case Study: High Density Open Cell Foam

At AFP, we love to share some of our awesome customer stories. We recently had a customer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota who was looking for a foam disk and had a lot of specific needs for choosing the right foam.

In this instance, the customer needed a soft foam that’s easily compressed and has a good compression set resistance (rebound) so it would create a seal when compressed repeatedly. This customer also needed the adhesive to be able to handle harsh, vast environmental conditions.

Our team collaborated with our client’s engineers face-to-face to fully understand the logistics to find them the perfect solution. After gathering critical information, AFP sampled a few different material combinations for the customer to choose from. They ended up choosing a material from the samples and our team went quickly moved forward with their order.

Next, we worked with the customer to find the best way to get the parts to them, ensuring we make the process as convenient for the customer as possible.

Together, we decided to kiss cut the parts on a continuous release liner in roll form rather than individually die cutting the parts. This would allow the assemblers to peel the parts off quickly because they wouldn’t have to get the release liner started for every part, which saved hours of production time.

Taking it one step further, we designed a method to remove the used webbing of material from the kiss cut part rolls, which created less waste for the customer as well as making it even easier and faster for the assemblers to complete their tasks.

We provided all of this to our customer at a very competitive price, making this was a win-win for the customer and AFP.

The AFP team always goes above and beyond with each customer to help them find the right material and provide them with a convenient, stress-free experience.

If you’re looking for foam products, contact us today and we will help you find the perfect solution.

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